Child K

KudaChild K was one of the children in the initial group who came to our care after being housed at the local hospital with no alternative place for his care. Child K is almost 11 years old now, he attends a school specialising in children with disabilities where he receives appropriate development and therapy for his cerebral palsy. It was 8 years ago that we first met Child K when visiting the hospital to spend some time with the abandoned children, he was such a precious little guy – such a beautiful dimpled smile, and to this day that is one of his most outstanding features.  Child K went to live with a foster family for about 5 years but sadly, in October 2013, he returned to our care. We are delighted that God has settled his heart and he is doing well with so many children around him who dearly love him.  Child K has been receiving additional physiotherapy twice a week which has greatly improved his core strength. This strengthening is working to correct the curvature of his spine which has improved his mobility.  His speech is affected by his cerebral palsy which makes audibility of his words poor, with being more mobile he is now able to get to a standing position on his own, however, he cannot yet walk unassisted.  We believe over time and with the right support he will do exceedingly beyond what many believed in the early years of his life when he was abandoned.

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