Esandleni Sothando

Esandleni Sothando has been assisting vulnerable girls in one of the high density suburbs of Bulawayo to overcome their barriers and reach their full potential. Their vision is to raise woman of influence who will impact their society and live a life that honours God. The girls are assisted through financial assistance with tuition costs, mentoring, psycho-social support, vocational and life skills training, and *discipleship. Currently 22 girls in Luveve are being assisted, with the majority of these being at secondary school level, though a few are doing tertiary studies and vocational training.

Esandleni has provided empowerment opportunities to some of the guardians of the girls assisted in Luveve.  A bead and jewellery empowerment project was started to enable the guardians to generate an income to support their families. This project has gone well, featuring both at local market fairs and internationally.  Their product line has recently been extended to include table mats as well as the necklaces, bracelets and earrings they began producing.

Esandleni is prayerfully considering a new high density area of outreach in which more vulnerable girls will be assisted with education finance support, mentorship, *discipleship and an empowerment project within the chosen community.