Northend Forever Home

A home for children who were previously living on the streets. Children are cared for in a family environment, where counselling, rehabilitation, and assistance with family/community reunification is provided. Currently we care for 6 teenage boys.

In 2008 we felt God leading us to do more to assist children living on the streets of Bulawayo. This was due to the desperate situations that some of these kids were facing, and the complete lack of options they had. This began by providing some kids with crisis accommodation and moved to assisting a group of 25 kids 15 years and under.

We have now established a home for these children where we provide love, a family environment, counselling, rehabilitation, and assist with family/community reunification where appropriate/available. Many of the children are orphans and some have come from terrible situations.

For those where family reunification isn’t an option, we are committed to providing for their physical, emotional, developmental and spiritual needs in a family environment, until they reach adulthood.

We have had 7 children reunited with their families to date, two sets of siblings were placed into suitable families and there are now six boys at the home currently. The change that has happened in these kids lives since they joined us is incredible. They now live as a happy family with close relationships with each other and testify to what God is doing, and has done, in their lives.

UPDATE: All children from Northend home with reunification options have transitioned and some of the older boys have since moved to independent living.