Isaiah’s Home of Love

Established to assist abandoned babies, orphans and vulnerable children in desperate need of care. Since 2007 we have cared for or are caring for 185 babies/children, with

  • 60 of them fostered or adopted by loving families
  • 23 placed into ‘forever family homes’
  • 20 moved to other institutions for their long term care
  • 53 reunited with their extended families

Unfortunately 8 babies have passed away.

We have a babies home for abandoned babies where they are lovingly cared for and we help to facilitate fostering and adoption. In this home we currently care for 21 children aged between newborn and five years old. We partner with organisations and have established ‘Forever Homes’ where abandoned and orphaned children not fostered or adopted are cared for in a family environment. There are two of these homes in operation within vision to establish another home in the very near future.

Please consider sponsoring one of our abandoned babies, click here for all the details.

The background to Isaiah’s Homes of Love
The vision for Isaiah’s Umuzi Wothando (Isaiah’s Home of Love) began taking shape in January 2004. A number of people began speaking about the obvious needs of abandoned babies in Bulawayo, and seeking God as to how He may want us to respond to these. After further prayer and thought, we felt that we needed to try to assist a group of abandoned babies who were accommodated at a local hospital, whilst also pursuing the vision of Isaiah’s Umuzi Wothando, which is where we felt God was leading us.

In the last few years, the number of abandoned babies in Bulawayo appears to have grown. This, combined with the growing number of orphans in Zimbabwe, meant that the traditional approaches of extended families caring for these individuals, or them being placed in an orphanage, could not cope with the demands. As a result, a local hospital found that the number of abandoned babies for whom they could not find a place for continued to increase, and they therefore set a ward apart specifically for these babies. Essentially, abandoned babies are kept in this ward whilst they are waiting, hopefully, for a place to become available at an orphanage. This hospital had approximately 20 babies in this situation in early 2004, and this was not the only hospital in Bulawayo facing this dilemma.

Hospitals are not set up to care for the various needs of young babies, and they don’t have all of the required resources to do this either. This means that these babies, whilst waiting for places at an orphanage which at best provides them with an ‘institutionalised family’, miss out on a number of their vital needs, including the required love and attention, and some of their nutritional and developmental needs.
It was very exciting to see how God placed these needs, and the love for these babies, on peoples hearts, and how He has led a group of people to have a vision to assist them. This vision is to lovingly care for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of abandoned babies in a home (Isaiah’s Umuzi Wothando), and to facilitate the fostering and adoption of these babies to good families, to the glory of God.

It has also been very exciting to see how this project came together, in terms of people and resources, and often we feel the need to praise God for His provision. We have been able to assist the abandoned babies at the local hospital in various ways, including providing them with additional love and attention, nutritional food, clothes, nappies, and toys. We have been amazingly blessed by God, and people, to enable us to purchase and renovate the home at 57 Duncan Road Suburbs (stand also has an entrance on Heyman Road).

A number of families have expressed an interest in fostering or adopting these babies through the awareness that has been raised through this project. We will continue to further increase awareness of the needs of abandoned babies within the community and the surrounding areas.

In 2013 we were approached by another Christian Ministry to assist in the running of another forever family home based in the Trenance area. We had some involvement with these children in the past through our Hearts of Love Outreach. The Children of Grace Home fitted in with our vision for forever family homes in that orphans and vulnerable children were being cared for by a community member. Our input here was to provide emotional support and financially for their needs, it has been wonderful to see God´s provision for the home of five children initially being cared for by Miriam. In early 2014 we were made aware of a young girl living in a vulnerable situation and we were able to integrate her into this forever family home.  We continue to seek support for the running of this home as it is situated in one of the poorer areas of Bulawayo with most people living on the bare minimum and limited income sources.