Are you interested in volunteering with Our Neighbours Ministry?

Here is some information which will assist you if you are considering or planning voluntary
service with Our Neighbours Ministry.  To view our Volunteer Policy please click here.

First and foremost, for the safety and protection of our children and the
people we serve, we would like to get to know you a bit more in order to see
how we can best fit you into volunteering with us.  We would want this to
become a mutually beneficial experience for all concerned and knowing more
about you and hearing from references will help us to place you effectively.

We do have some forms which we would want all volunteers to complete, as
well as providing a form for completion by references. Please note that
these should be approved prior to your visit.  Click here to download a copy
of these forms.

Options of long term and short term visits are available.

Please note that a current Police Clearance is a definite requirement for
voluntary service with our Ministry.

Some other useful information:-

Visa requirements – please contact your local agency to enquire of these
requirements.  Work permits are very difficult to acquire in Zimbabwe and
are often only granted for a period of one year if all requirements are met.
This may not be approved on initial application, however a rejected
application can be appealed. Many people prefer to visit Zimbabwe as
tourists and then visit us to see the work which is being done.  On arrival
you may be granted 90 days to stay and can request for this to be extended
without extra charge.  We suggest visitors visas be multiple entry so that
if you wish to visit neighbouring countries you do not have to purchase a
second visa. Multiple entry visas are cheaper.

Accommodation – there are a few options available, and are able to provide
you with relevant information.

At a relatively reasonable rate there is a backpackers lodge within safe
walking distance from the Babies Home (self catering with communal kitchen
and bathrooms).

There are other bed and breakfast options available in and around town.

We do have a few families who are available to host individuals for short
term stays whilst making a fair contribution for living expenses.

Cost – Our Neighbours Ministry does not charge for volunteering, however we
do greatly appreciate any assistance volunteers are willing to contribute to
the Ministry and encourage each one to seek the Lord as they prepare to come
and share of their time with us.

Currency – Zimbabwe operates using both US$ and South African Rand, though
US$ is more wider used as rates of exchange vary from day to day.  Values
less than $1 are converted to a rand value and all change is issued in Rand.
In some cities small change is given back in credit vouchers (not in

Transport – most of the Ministry areas are within walking distance from
town.  The local transport system comprises of commuter omnibuses (people
carrier type vehicles) and most of these cost around R5-R8 per trip.  You
can hire a taxi at a slightly higher cost dependent upon distance travelled.
Other options are to catch “private lifts” and these charge the same as the
commuter omnibus.  Most are relatively safe to use.

Food stuffs are readily available.  Fresh fruit and vegetables in season are
available from the local market and some supermarkets.  Meat (beef, pork &
chicken) is also readily available either direct from the butcher or
available is smaller packages from local supermarkets. Lentils are also
available at selected supermarkets. Most grocery items are now locally
available, as are toiletries and cleaning materials.

Internet is available with wireless or broadband at particular points.  Some
charge per download capacity whilst other charge on a time basis.  Some
cafes supply computers however these are usually very slow and inefficient.
Best to bring a laptop if you have one.

Telephone communication is fairly reliable and local mobile lines
(pay-as-you-go sim cards) are available for sale at a reasonable prices.

I hope the above information has been helpful if you are considering
voluntary service in Zimbabwe.  Please feel free to contact us should you
require further details or additional information.