Lighthouse Christian Academy

This is a school for children who have missed out on many years of schooling for various reasons, including those who have lived for a period of time on the streets. We provide quality education as well as training in life skills, social development and health education. We run the ACE home-based schooling curriculum and supplement this as appropriate. Currently we have capacity for 20-30 students.

In response to the children we were caring for at North End Home, given the amount of schooling that they had missed and considering the various options available for them, we felt led to start a home-based schooling program. We have recently entered into a partnership with EdGE Foundation Australia who will be playing a leading role in the development of this school.

Working with the assistance of Christian Education Trust in Bulawayo, we are running the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) schooling curriculum. We are also supplementing this with various programs to help contextualize some subjects, to look at teaching best practice and to add programs that assist with life skills, health education, self esteem and relationships.

The vision for this school is to expand it over time to cater for other disadvantaged children who have missed a significant amount of schooling.

This education project began in 2010 with an initial intake of 14 children, in March 2012 increased with another intake of 13 students, and January 2014 saw a further intake of 14. We have been able to re-integrate 4 students into local main stream schooling and unfortunately over time 5 children who were attending Lighthouse chose to return to their initial vulnerable circumstances.